21-Day Fix (in 10 days!)


It’s been awhile! I’m happy to say I have been chugging along on my fitness journey, making slow and steady progress. I continue to work out with my personal trainer twice a week and do my own workouts 3 (or so) times a week.

I’m not sure if you can tell from progress picture, but my upper body has leaned out substantially and my shape is also changing (I’ve gone from 29% body fat to 23%!).

Why I’m frustrated:
– My lower body continues to be the bane of my existence…I’m not seeing much changes there
– My weight has virtually not budged (I know the scale messes with your head, but frustrating nevertheless)
– I’m not seeing enough progress for effort being put in, which in turn results in me self sabotaging with food/alcohol

As such, I’ve decided that a) I need to find a dummy-proof nutritional plan that I can follow and not starve on; and b) I need to be even more consistent with my workouts and bring them up to the next level!

Solution: The 21-Day Fix Extreme. It’s essentially a nutritional program which uses coloured portion-control containers and a day-by-day workout program.

I know myself. When I have too many choices I choose to do nothing. I like that this program seems to follow a very regimented schedule with little room for improvisation.

The “bad news” (I use this term very lightly) is I leave for Bali in exactly ten days. But I figure, I can give it my best shot for ten days and leave for my trip knowing that I did everything to feel my best. I’ve had a great start to 2016 and really devoted the time to taking care of myself, but am now ready to take it to the next level! And when I get back, I can give it my 100% and do the full 21 days!

I’m starting up my instagram and blog again to help keep accountable and tap into the wonderful community of like-minded people on similar journeys I’ve missed so much!

Has anyone tried the 21-Day Fix before? If so, what were your results?

Day 11: Killing it!


Woo hoo! Day 11 and feeling AMAZING!

Apologies for slacking on updates, but being healthy is time consuming.

If I’m not at work, I’m at the gym with my personal trainer (aka slavedriver) three times at week. If I’m not with her, she assigns me workouts to do for the remaining three days. If I’m not working out, I’m meal prepping. If I’m not meal prepping, I am sleeping. Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for anything else!

I had an insanely busy/horrible week at work, and had zero desire to meet my trainer at 7 p.m. on a Friday night for a workout. To be quite honest, I wanted to order a pizza, crack open a bottle of wine and veg on my couch.

Instead, I had an insane hour of circuit training. My legs were shaking, I was dripping in sweat and was grunting like a cavewoman by the end of it.

But as I walked home, the rain gently drizzling, with the Toronto skyline coming into view, I realized that the stress had melted away.

As out of control other areas of my life may feel right now, having this clear focus is keeping me calm and centered.

These three months may seem like a sacrifice right now, but I know they will be life changing. 

Day 6 – Exercise as stress relief.


Besides working out for a smokin’ hot bod, working out is also a natural stress reliever.

I am a moody person. I have really high highs and really crappy lows. Exercise has become an invaluable way to help control my stress and anxiety.

Instead of reaching for that deep dish extra cheesy pizza, I’ve been throwing on my running shoes and pounding the pavement. Or getting my sweat on with a #bbg workout. I ALWAYS feel amazing after. Everything seems more manageable. My life makes sense again.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I’m ready and determined to make this week a good one. My meals are all prepped, my gym bag is packed and I’ve got my game face on!

Day 4 – Happy 2016!

stocksnap-free-stock-photos1 copy

Happy 2016! Hope everyone had a blast last night. I know I certainly did!

I know some people think resolutions are cheesy, but I believe in the power of writing down your goals and sharing them with others. I think the new year provides everyone with another opportunity for a fresh start! As a smart man once said:

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

So here are my five health/fitness goals for 2016. I have a few more personal/career ones, but these are the ones I would like to focus on the most. I have been unhappy with my body and my overall well-being for so long. This is the year I am going to stop complaining, but my big girl (yoga) pants on, and do something about it!

I will be staying accountable and providing regular updates on these through my blog and Instagram account.

What are your 2016 resolutions? Let’s keep each other accountable!

Day 2 – Finding my stride.


It’s insane how quickly you start feeling better once you start eating well and exercising. I know technically I am no fitter than I was a few days ago, but I’m feeling pretty amazing already.

I came home feeling crummy from work, but decided to drag my butt to the gym and do a 40-minute run on the treadmill.

I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but was always self conscious about it.

What if people judge me? What if I don’t look like a runner? What if I can’t make it very far? 

Then one day, I decided to just do it. And I’ve never looked back! Running is the closest I’ve ever come to meditation, and I get a killer “runner’s high” each time.

I am hoping that a combination of cardio and #bbg starts producing results.

Does anyone else enjoy running? Any tips or tricks for a beginner?

Current Status: satisfyingly sore / considering cancelling Netflix subscription / enjoying a pot of Earl Grey tea

Day 1 – Official Weigh In & Before Shot

I hate “Before” pictures with a passion. Every time I take them, I wonder how I’ve let myself get to this point.

But, that being said, I know they are an important part in tracking progress. So here we go…

SW: 152 lbs
CW: 152 lbs
GW: 120 lbs
Weight Loss: 0 lbs

January Restart

I feel like this is a horrible angle; more horrible than usual! So for added measure, here are ones I took in October last year when I first re-started:


Current Status: dying after Week 1 Day 1 #BBG 

Day 0 – And so it begins…


2015 has been a very difficult year. As so often happens, my health got pushed onto the back burner as other more pressing matters (such as staying sane) were prioritized.

I am ready to dedicate 2016 to being my Year of Health, with my main focus being on finally getting in shape and working for the body I’ve always wanted (and will have!).

I’m starting this blog (and my Instagram account) as a way to stay accountable on a daily basis and hopefully connect with like-minded people starting their own journeys.

Rather than waiting for the new year, I will be starting tomorrow.

Stay tuned!