Day 2 – Finding my stride.


It’s insane how quickly you start feeling better once you start eating well and exercising. I know technically I am no fitter than I was a few days ago, but I’m feeling pretty amazing already.

I came home feeling crummy from work, but decided to drag my butt to the gym and do a 40-minute run on the treadmill.

I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but was always self conscious about it.

What if people judge me? What if I don’t look like a runner? What if I can’t make it very far? 

Then one day, I decided to just do it. And I’ve never looked back! Running is the closest I’ve ever come to meditation, and I get a killer “runner’s high” each time.

I am hoping that a combination of cardio and #bbg starts producing results.

Does anyone else enjoy running? Any tips or tricks for a beginner?

Current Status: satisfyingly sore / considering cancelling Netflix subscription / enjoying a pot of Earl Grey tea

Day 1 – Official Weigh In & Before Shot

I hate “Before” pictures with a passion. Every time I take them, I wonder how I’ve let myself get to this point.

But, that being said, I know they are an important part in tracking progress. So here we go…

SW: 152 lbs
CW: 152 lbs
GW: 120 lbs
Weight Loss: 0 lbs

January Restart

I feel like this is a horrible angle; more horrible than usual! So for added measure, here are ones I took in October last year when I first re-started:


Current Status: dying after Week 1 Day 1 #BBG 

Day 0 – And so it begins…


2015 has been a very difficult year. As so often happens, my health got pushed onto the back burner as other more pressing matters (such as staying sane) were prioritized.

I am ready to dedicate 2016 to being my Year of Health, with my main focus being on finally getting in shape and working for the body I’ve always wanted (and will have!).

I’m starting this blog (and my Instagram account) as a way to stay accountable on a daily basis and hopefully connect with like-minded people starting their own journeys.

Rather than waiting for the new year, I will be starting tomorrow.

Stay tuned!